OK, so for the last two decades  Swiss Smarthomes have been the sole preserve of the rich . eg                                        Projects costing a minimum of 15,000  Sfr  have been the norm

Luckily  for  you,  the smart home business has been   disrupted by the introduction of many new low cost smart  home technologies,  including   the Amazon Echo family of voice controllers. The Echo is already installed in 3 million American homes , making  it the largest voice operated assistant there is.  Its launch in Europe ensures you need not be left behind by the wonderful world of voice activation.


The Issue -  OK so getting Alexa  to Play your Music or Read your Books, or even tell you  a joke is easy , BUT figuring out how to integrate  a Smart Hub ( Which one ? ) and Control your Lights , Sockets , Thermostats ( Which Brands  ? ) , TV , DVD Player , Home Security, etc etc is not .   Your Home is unique , as is your budget . Unless you want to spend hours poring through Manuals, Books  or IOT Recipes, looking for Compatible Options, you need help   Its just not  Plug & Play right now, and most likely never will be.

Who Are We ?

 We are Geeks.  This website is in English , as our proposition is twofold.

Firstly , Using  Amazon Echo skills  coupled with Smarthome hubs  and other gizmos we  automate your  lighting, heating TV etc . We  can  provide the technology , ( 
Echo is not currently shipping to Switzerland , so we can help with that ) or just the consulting service you need to get the best solution  set up . 

That  may be a moving feast, as   IOT ( Internet of Things ) is a rapidly changing area , and we will stay ahead of the curve for you .  eg 


We promise you wont need to care what IEEE 802.15.14 is !!  ZigBee versus ZWave,  who cares ? We will..

Secondly , hone your use of  English, as our founder is English speaking, and a long time fan of everything Amazon, from Prime to Kindle, to Audible.com to Amazon Music Unlmited…. He’s been running Amazon Fire TV and Echo in Zurich for many long years .  

Why Now ?

You can get started with an Amazon Echo Dot plus Philips Hue  , costing less  than 200 Sfr  . Voice control your Music Collection through Spotify or Amazon Music.

We will guide you in adding more and more  Skills to your Amazon based platform.

If you want to really explore SmartHome integrations with Alexa, then we would get you set up with a SmartThings Hub  from Samsung. This Hub is rated No 1 , but not easily available in continental Europe.

Your  kids will  love Alexa.   She now speaks both English and High German, and you can switch her between them.

What about Google ?

                Belatedly , Google has entered the home voice activated market,  3 years after Amazon, with Google Home . Its pricey compared to Echo Dot  OK and  lacks all the Amazon Echo integration . It is one to watch though , especially if Google changes policy, and offers Google Assistant on all Android Phones.

What about Apple ?

Forgetaboutit  , as Home Kit is closed , pricey and proprietary .  You want value for money ?  Then love Amazon and don’t shop at Bahnhofstrasse 77.

If you happen to have an Iphone ,  there is an IOS  version for the Alexa App, just so you don’t miss out

What  Now ?

If you want to dip your toe in this water, use the Contact button above, or call us on 079 375 2253 Our initial  guidance ( in English)  by  phone, is free.    If in doubt :  


Voice Control  your  Home with your new   Amazon Echo